HC-Series Hydrocyclone Filter

Filtration Effect: 98% of impurities
Unit Flow Rates: 30, 55, 110, 165 and 220 L/min.

The HC Hydrocyclone filters up to 98% or the impurities for long durations, unchanged and without any consumption of filter media.

HC DiagramHigh pressure method of ascending/descending vortexes are created. Clean water will be drained out through ascending vortex while impurities will be precipitated by descending vortex.

Only applicable to water soluble grinding coolants.

Easy to maintain and suitable for Carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome, copper, aluminum, glass and grinding wheel grain.

SHC-Scraper with Hydrocyclone

Eliminates impurities from the coolant tank with a scraper / drag-out system.

Applicable to both grinding and cutting applications.

Flow rates can be increased by using multiple units.

Pre filtering is recommended when larger particles or chips are being filtered.

Especially applicable to centerless grinding