Coolants and Cutting Oils

Coolants and Cutting Oils Heavy-Duty Machining and Grinding Fluids for use with all types of metals.

  • Bio-stable formulation minimizes the use of additives.
  • Excellent corrosion protection protects the machine and work piece.
  • Enhanced metal removal rates reduce cycle times.

Available in 55-gallon drums and 5-gallon pails

Use Concentration


Water soluble oil

Ideal for medium and heavy duty machining and grinding applications. High or low carbon steels, Aluminum, alloy steel, titanium, copper, stainless, cast/nodular/gray iron.

Machining: 5 ~ 10%
Grinding: 5%
Refractometer Reading: 1.1
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Water soluble synthetic

Biostatic, low foaming synthetic machining and grinding coolant. High performance and superior rust protection. (Most popular product)

Machining: 5 ~ 7%
Grinding: 5%
Refractometer Reading: 2.8
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Water soluble synthetic (CARBIDE)

High quality synthetic coolant specifically designed for grinding cemented carbide tools. Contains inhibitors minimizing the dissolving of cobalt into the fluid.

Grinding: 4 ~ 5%
Refractometer Reading: 1.5
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Heavy Duty Machine Cleaner

Formulated to rinse deposits/residues off machines, coolant sumps, and coolant distribution systems. Organic components, biocides and rust inhibitors make this product an effective solution for proper system and machine maintenance.

Machining: 10:1 ~ 20:1
Grinding: 20:1 ~ 25:1
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