PFA Paper Filters
PFA Paper Filters
BIF Table BFu

BFµ Series Paper Filters Bed Type

Filtration Effect: 60, 30, and 15-micron paper
Flow Rates: 20 ~ 500 L/min.
(Paper density will effect flow rate)
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The BFµ Series Paper Filters are reliable, affordable and effective filters for your machining applications. Whether you are upgrading or replacing an existing filter we can incorporate any of our components to suit your requirements.

All standard BFμ-Series filters are equipped with a filterable coolant pump, one roll of filter media and chip collector. A float switch will automatically activate new filter media as required.

Build a custom system or choose from our ready to ship standard configurations.

All stainless steel construction available on request


Surface grinding and machining of all ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Standard Options

  • Magnetic Separator

    Ideal pre-filter with heavy grinding applications. This will also prolong the paper life.

  • High Pressure Bag Filter

    When a finer filter effect is required that is greater than our 15- micron paper. Common bag filter of 5~3 micron.

  • Multiple pumps

    Ideal for using one filter for multiple machines or when a single machine requires more than one coolant supply.

  • Level Float Gauge

    Will help warn the operator or maintenance that the coolant level is low.

  • Wheels

    On the smaller units we offer wheels mounted to the tank for easy maneuvering for cleaning etc...